Tasting Tears of a Bleeding Heart

The greatest quest in life is to ‘Love and be Loved’. Twin flames, true loves and ultimate soulmates tease the mind, especially in life’s challenging moments. The soul’s true mate is not ‘out there’. That ‘one’ waits within. Access to real Love rests deeply inside one’s cells, meandering through thoughts, and pulsating inside buried wounds of the heart. 
The key to allowing outer reflections for Love remains hidden for most people. It exists within lost dreams, shadows, thoughts, experiences and identities. What you do not want to face must be seen. Words never spoken must be heard. Everything hidden must be acknowledged. Fall in love with all that has been denied. Rise in love through devotion to the whole and holy self. Divine courtship, mystical divorce and sacred matrimony unite the demon, the god and the human in harmony. Experience the Lover and the Beloved in Your Journey to Love: Discovering the Path to Your Soul’s True Mate. (Available now: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, www.iamsimran.com)
Simran Singh is author of Your Journey to Enlightenment: Twelve Guiding Principles of Love Courage and Commitment in the New Dawn New Page Publishers and Conversations With The Universe, Select Books Publishers. Simran’s latest, Your Journey to Love: Discover the Path to Your Soul’s True Mate – New Page