A World of Wonder…

Hold the world in wonder for what it is able to show you… about you!
The world can feel separate because we hold it separate… at a distance. It is something we look at… judge… try to understand. We look at it as a picture… sometimes one we love; other times one we desire to turn away from. But what if its really a reflection… a mirror image?
Well, thats great for the beauty in the world. What about the ugliness? And even the beauty is sometimes a challenge to truly see as the self… but it is.
Beauty that exists in the world is to show us our uniqueness, complexity and infinite expression. The opposite of what we term beauty really illustrates our simplicity, rawness and well of untapped potential. Only in the embrace of both of these things do we integrate our wholeness. The world is always serving us in providing the mirrors of that infinite expression and potential. Open yourself to al that shines int he light, while fully allowing the gifts that lurk within the shadows. You might be surprised at how far into the world you have to go to truly understand how out of this world you are.

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In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… Simran
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