You and I are ONE !

Where do you find beauty? What do you hold gratitude for? What were the expectations of this year that is passing and how do those create the filter for next years dreams?

Redefining STRESS for the Holidays

     As the holidays approach, it is only natural to feel as if time is speeding up. There are multitudes of things to complete, people to entertain or take care of, and lots to cook. However, stress is as much a habit and unconscious behavior as many other habits we form.

The Elements of Our Nature

     The Elements of Our Nature are what make up who we are. Everything from the best attributes, talents, and expressions to the dark side of personality, our shadow parts, and those reactions from ego. Yet when we look at ourselves or even look at others, it tends to be from a place of judgment, harshness, and limitation. Why? Because …


How my world expresses itself is reflected in the way I choose to receive it. My senses are just a part of the dance…it is movement of the spirit, song of the heart, and staccato of the mind; so much more than the playground of the senses. Through touch, smell, sight and taste, I can experience so much. But it is beyond the eyes and ears…for that I …


An attitude of gratitude is sometimes difficult to maintain when seemingly annoying, uncomfortable, or inconvenient situations present themselves. It is in those moments when we most need to see the gift to be grateful for. Join me every Thursday for an attitude of gratitude. Today I say thank you for the traffic…