Sweet Surrender…

Surrendering with White FlagImagine being free and wild… a wanderer or wanderess. Image living in the spirit of adventure and ecstasy… in constant creativity and passion. Imagine no borders or rules… no cares or can’ts… no fight and no fear…
There is always ‘some thing’… or ‘that person’… ‘a place of challenge’ or ‘those children’ that tug at your heart and soul. There feels like a need… or an action… an awareness… or continual holding of space until…
There are affirmations, prayers, positivity and… the continuous moments of letting go, and letting go, and letting go… It is the path of endless surrender, which seems to be in layers and levels, and steps and statements. It can tear you down and rip your heart out. It leaves your arms outstretched; at times with your mind saying, ‘but I want’ – while the heart tenderly whispers, ‘if you love it let it go…’
Every moment asks you to surrender the past… surrender to the moment, and surrender attachment to the future. Surrender is always connected to another, the other, or a situation. There will arise a moment in every life where you can no longer fight… there is nothing left to fight with, or that which opposes you does not stop backing you into a corner. Is that the place of surrender? Is it asking you to surrender? Or are you being asked to surrender to yourself?
In this 2-part blog… I invite you to see both sides. And in both cases, I shall ask you the same questions to ponder…

  • What does surrender mean to you?
  • What have you been focusing the energy of surrender on?
  • Right now if you did, what would that look and feel like?
  • What wild, free, imaginative, ecstatic, inspired whim within you has been waiting for you to truly surrender to?

Next week, I shall continue this inquiry to deepen this calling… this sweet surrender to ‘some’ thing, ‘that’ thing, or ‘those’ things… The paradox may be what ‘some’, ‘that’, and ‘those’ are.
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