What Happens When You See An Old Friend?

12107128_10208279064922862_2593117665265980490_nIt’s not the time you have with others that matters; it’s the quality of yourself, and presence, that you give to them…
Have you ever had that experience where you you don’t see someone very often but when you get together it is as if no time has passed? Or, you meet up with someone and it feels like slipping yourself into an old comfortable shoe because being around them just feels good?
These are relationships that are of quality and presence. We don’t often realize that presence has little to do with ‘amount of time’ as much as it has to do with ‘being fully conscious and aware in the time you have’.
We live in a world of people who feel alone in their struggles, anxious in their lives, and abandoned to their fears. Being completely present to an individual can be the difference for them ‘checking out’ or ‘checking in’.
When a person checks out, they become the dead, even if still alive. But when they are given presence by another, the energy field of deep connection opens enough awareness inside of them that they not only check in with that person, they connect deeply within themselves to realize something they have missed about themselves.
Do not discount how being present to someone makes a difference in their life. There is nothing you need to do other than really see, hear and acknowledge them. That is a quality relationship. And you know what? In doing so, you will become present to yourself.
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