What You Think Doesn't Matter

11990606_10208284383415821_2334986058520209763_nYour doing doesn’t create the new, Presence does. Your thinking doesn’t change things; imagination does…
We have been conditioned to believe that if we really think about something, we will find a solution. Typically, it just gets us into more questions. It takes us away from being present to the ‘Now moment’ where something new exists.
So how does one reprogram themselves to move out of the conditioned response of ‘thinking about it’? We dream…
We use our imaginations, as if living a new experience RIGHT NOW! We live that dream NOW. We utilize the imagination to soar to new heights, invent new ways of perceiving, and create a new world.
Thinking is overrated… a thing of the past. Now dreaming… imagining… that is magic! Your Presence to that magic you hold… is Enough!
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