BEING: The 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose and Peace (Autographed)


BEING engages the bold and courageous conversation that each person must engage right now. It points to how we each affect this world, addressing the nature and nurture of individual power… the misuse of power… true power… dominant power… personal power… and global empowerment. The seven illusions shared here are the shadowlands where we are wrapped in our own makings. The 7 illusions correlate with the 7 blessings and the 7 graces existing within the other two books of the trilogy.

These are unique books, designed to be moved through slowly and with presence. They can be read individually in any order or all at once. They can act as oracles. They can also be read across one another simultaneously as the seven levels within each book of correlate to the equivalent level within the other books.

*If desiring the complete series plus bonus CDs… Order the bundled package. Bonus CDs included are Simran’s (1) Breathe & Believe CD Meditation Collection, (2) Journey of the Soul CD Meditation Collection, and (3) Conversations of Oneness Full length guided meditation. Access here: