10 Mentoring Sessions


Simran works with individuals in all areas of mindset wellness and focus, emotional intelligence and healing, energy amplification and vibration, spiritual understanding and expansion. Hers is a multi-dimensional and holistic approach of opening you to seeing the world in expansive ways that allow you to serve yourself, others and your world. You discover that this incredible journey of YOU is worth every moment of experience thus far; and from that, how to create alchemy, transformation and transmutation.

Simran’s desires to assist you in gaining a life of greater balance, presence and fulfillment. She will help you soften into your more natural, organic nature while empowering the energies of compassion, kindness and love. Are you ready to experience fulfillment and inner peace, even when the outer world may be filled with duality and contrast.”

“The basis of my work with individuals is always in devotion to the journey of the soul. This means, we look deeply at what your soul desires, so that You live a life of conscious choices and true fulfillment. This way of involution will allow you to experience true success, joy and abundance through the external and your evolution.

For those desiring to focus on creativity and creation, mentoring can center on this. If you are embarking upon a dream, project, mission or business… I can assist You in alignment, accountability, forward movement and productivity while also integrating a healthy balance of giving, receiving, doing and being.”

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual and personal growth journey or a seasoned seeker, You will achieve an amazing, empowering and freeing perspective of life and what’s possible when engaging a session with Simran.


10 sessions of mentoring with Simran provide a block of focus on a weekly basis for  clarity and/or support around a specific issue.Depending on the issue, it may or may not complete within the 10 session period but significant advancement will be made. For individuals desiring more foundational and sustainable change, yearly mentoring produces profound transformation. (This also provides the greatest per session price reduction. A smaller package, the 10-Session Pack, provides discounted sessions for laser focus on a specific area for a season; and the opportunity to schedule a break before renewing a 10-Pack for another season.


Sessions are 50 minutes. 10 Packs are weekly sessions. If desiring a greater discount and continuity of support, One Year clients are  allowed emergency sessions and additional access when required. Year mentoring occurs every other week.

Sessions are conducted via  Zoom.

For more consistency, and an increased discount per session: 1 Year of Sessions (26 sessions) – $5995 (Savings of $880) Access Package Here