1-Year Mentoring


Are You ready to upgrade your experience of life? Of yourself? Of attraction and  confidence in who YOU are? 1-Year Mentoring not only provides a solid foundation but creates the mindset, emotional intelligence and understanding of mastery that creates sustained change and continued expansion.


Whether You are just beginning your spiritual and personal growth journey or a seasoned seeker, You will achieve an amazing, empowering and freeing perspective of life and what’s possible.

We begin where You are and walk towards where You want to go. I work with individuals in all capacities of mindset wellness and focus, emotional intelligence and healing, energy amplification and vibration, spiritual understanding and expansion. Here, You learn how to become the bridge of understanding, embodiment and empowerment from a multi-dimensional perspective of the human being, the soul and life purpose. You will understand that this incredible journey of YOU is worth every moment of experience thus far; and from that, how to create alchemy and transformation.

If your focus is on personal growth and what You desire to achieve in your life from an identity and purpose perspective, I can support that. You are capable of achieving everything your heart desires. However, the basis of my work is always in devotion to the journey of your soul. This means, we look deeply at what your soul desires, so that You live a life of conscious choices and true fulfillment. I am here to serve your soul, not your ego. I am here to empower You to live your best experience and expression of life.

Or, if You are someone who desires to embark upon or complete a dream or project, I can certainly assist You in remaining forward moving and accountable while also balancing ‘doing’ and ‘being’;’giving’ and ‘receiving’.


A 1-Year mentoring Pack of sessions provides clarity, support and mentoring in consciousness, spirituality and personal growth at the next level. Beyond the listening ear and support required, this is life and soul training for becoming independent and spiritually strong in every area of your life.  It took You this many years to get your life where it is. Give yourself the devotional, committed experience of getting to really know who You are. Presence and time for Self is priceless expansion. For individuals truly desiring to make a sustainable lasting change in themselves and their lives, committing to a year of mentoring creates a very strong foundation for life. For those who desire to begin in smaller increments, a 10-Session Pack is also available. Mentoring with me is an act of love, devotion and commitment between us.


Sessions focus upon your intention, of where you desire to grow, heal, shift and expand. This could look like building a roadmap for how to get to where you desire to go; or, it may require a deepening into your energetics, mindset, feeling an intuition. Everything is connected and each session begins with where You are in your life; and with what is coming up for You. There can be practices fo breathing, meditation, processing, visualization, sound and creative channeling involved. I am always focused on your specific intention and areas that focus on impacting your life as a whole: creative endeavors, business matters, personal life, relationships, work, healing, social life, service life, financial life, personal voice and expression.

Each Session is 50 minutes. A follow up checkin via email is also provided for any additional clarity or accountability. A Single Session may or may not clear the issue, but will provide appropriate pointing for awareness, forward movement and empowered change. For one Year clients, emergency sessions and additional access is provided.

The r One-Year options offers special pricing that lowers the per session rate due to your commitment to Self. Sessions are conducted via Phone, Skype or Zoom.

Single Sessions – $275

10-Pack of Sessions – $2650

1 Year of Sessions (24) – $5995

Custom full day or weekend retreat options available and are priced based on time, location and availability; at priced additionally. Custom retreats allow for a Deep Dive and Immersion experience for profound insight and awareness to rise.