2018 is an 11 Year

2018 is an 11 year…
There is a heightened potential for great change. It requires that we really do our individual work. Let this truly be a New Year… a New Way… a New Beginning… A New Self… Won’t you come home. Serve in the greatest way possible… (Listen to the talk enclosed here)

This talk and meditation is an invitation in to BE different as you move into 2018. The greatest issues on the planet stem from an error in consciousness that arises from 3 actions:

  • Opinion
  • Judgement
  • Codependence

I invite you to live this year without using any of these. Imagine a world where people are not in codependence … not rendering judgement in word, thought or deed… and not stuck in opinions that are from an identity of human self bound by conditioning.
We really have an opportunity to step out of small perspectives of human self and see through Divine Eyes. This powerful, but simple, shift (yes simple, because it is a choice) would allow consciousness and form to live, move and act from openness, acceptance and independence. In being so, each person will more naturally focus on their higher visions, dreams and creative capacity.
Choices and actions will no longer stem from stories of the past, a wounded self or conditioned beliefs. Systems would have to change because we would not pathologically engage in the hierarchy and systemic social dis-ease of organizations and agencies based on control, force and competition. A focus on co-creation, interdependence and personal presence would rise as individuals o longer conform to the old ways. It is not fighting the old ways; it is imply no longer giving energy to them.
Instead of codependent relations at home and at work, individuals would take responsibility for themselves, allowing others to have the space to reflect. Seeing all others through Divine Eyes means we would free people from their conditions because we will not use them to ‘have a purpose’… or an excuse. Every individual can follow their heart calling and open to their genius spark. In doing so, the other does not have to remain bound in their condition due to ‘your state of need consciousness’.
Finally instead of being tethered to our stories of the past… the pain, the prejudice, the oppression, the abuse (and we all have these — all peoples, cultures, nations, genders, religions are holding them) we may release the chains that bind. By realizing ALL as the ONE… the awareness arises that “we” have been all colors, creeds, nationalities and religions — each of us; all of us.
We are ONE family under ________ (whatever name you call it by).
Is this altruistic? Is it airy-fairy? Is it a pipe dream?
No. Its necessary. It’s realistic. It is practical. What we have been doing is the illusion. The only issue is it is too simple for our complex ego and intellect. The “intellect” likes to make things complicated.
Intelligence is simple. Intelligence is beyond intellect. It knows the singular truth that is beyond logic. The truth is, ‘The Divine is in each one of us, regardless of the covering. The Divine moves in as and through us, regardless of the color. The Divine speaks into us, regardless of the culture, status or hierarchy. There is no other problem other than the human being has given its power away to the differences of other human beings, objects and ideas instead of recognizing its inherent sameness.
Who would you be if you were not you?
What would we find if we unzipped these skins and dropped them, along with our minds and our pasts?
We would have no boundaries. We would have no borders. We would have nothing to judge. There would be no thing to have an opinion on. No one would need anything because there would be no one; there would be all One. There would only be light and space.
There you have it… we are timeless, boundless, endless light and space that continually expands. I dare you to be that in 2018.
If you are looking for me… that is where you will find me! Wishing you the most bountiful, beautiful, bodacious New Year of Truth, Liberation and Self Realization… There’s no place like H’OM’E!


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