A Few Explosions !

Take it from one who knows… My life could be perceived as a mine field; one that I surely have tested and tried. But aren’t we here for experience?… To grow?… discover?… To love and be loved?
Love obliterates everything unlike itself. That looks like you stretching, growing, molting, transforming and rebirthing. It often takes situations ‘unlike Love’ to make you or break you. I have discovered they are one in the same. Either you are inspired into your greatness, or you surrender to it.
To be inspired opens you to discovery through creativity and a desire to know the self because you have a love for possibility and expression. This is an upward and outward movement of spirit… evolutions.
To surrender opens you to discovery through integration, where the desire is to know the self, because you have a love for experience and expression. This is an inward and downward movement where you are deepening your grounding within spirit… involutions.
Either way, you are an explosive spark! A Divine One!
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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