It was an interesting weekend. I came across a word that had not been all that familiar to me. Not only did I hear it about two dozen times over the pass two days. I coincidentally picked up readings that had the word. I faced the word ‘sovereign’ again this morning upon a mattress I changed the sheets. Since there really are no coincidences in life and all things have meaning, I chose to contemplate the idea of ‘Sovereignty’.

For those of you who are unsure of the definition, sovereign is defined as ‘excellent, free: self-governing, independent. Sovereignty equates to ‘FREEDOM’. How free do you consider yourself? In the last blog, I wrote of being slave to things, emotions, people and situations. It is very easy to fall into the trap of what we have been taught is the norm. Unconsciously, we become invisibly corded to people and things. This connection is a generational inheritance of falling into the thought of ‘what is acceptable’, ‘what is normal’, and ‘what is do-able’.

Your answers to all of those questions…

1. What is considered acceptable?

2. What is considered normal?

3. What is considered do-able?

…are limits that placed upon ourselves based on the opinions of others and the social collective consciousness that exists within our society. Furthermore, we perpetuate these judgments, mannerisms, and self-limitations by imposing what we have been taught onto our children. In doing so, we squash the spirits, hopes, and dreams that are so much an individual’s ‘True Identity’. These self-limiting, thought based patterns inhibit people from experiencing such loving emotions as passion, joy, and peace, simply because they are not allowed to express their real selves. It is an act of ‘violence’ that we commit upon ourselves and others in not allowing the principle of trust in our inherent capacities, gifts and talents that are the truth of all creation.

True sovereignty, true freedom, comes from taking a stand for oneself that every action is self-governing and independent. Every action comes from a place of non-attachment and the realization that the things we place such gravity upon, really do not matter. The things that cause upset, stress, anger, frustration are simply reactionary functions to ego based attachments.

Are you free? Could you walk away from every single thing in your life if it was in your best interest? Or, would your thoughts lead to the needs, desires, wants, and guilt trips of others? What has the strongest hold over you? Your children? Your spouse? The money? The possessions? What about the status? The image? The career?

At every juncture in life there is a choice. Whether it is to wear brown shoes or black, eat that piece of chocolate cake or not, give money to a homeless person on the street, or take a stand against an act of physical abuse…there are only two choices…LOVE or FEAR!

What if you approached every major and minor decision in your life from those two points of view? If you always chose love, you would be free. Even though the black shoes are your hearts desire, are the brown ones more sensible and low key? Does the chocolate cake fill an emotional craving or are you honoring yourself with a reward? Do you stop and share of yourself and your money with the homeless person or are you afraid of him? Do you ignore physical abuse in order to shield yourself from it out of fear or do you extend love to the victim by coming to their aid? As insignificant as the shoes might seem or as significant as the lives of the homeless or the physically abused, they are all places of empowerment and the seed for change in our personal worlds and our nation.

It is our personal, moral, and social responsibility to advocate change…the place to start is within ourselves. We must learn to first govern ourselves and become independent of all encumbrances… Only then, can we start to change the world.

You are the example you have been looking for! Claim your sovereignty…Be free!!!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh