A Walk of Courage

When one steps out in courage, they often don’t even realize they are being courageous. Something is pulling them… Calling them and regardless of the silly noise within or without, movement is steady.
   I find myself without thought these days, very present to each moment because there is so much richness present. It is not that richness has not been there all along, I could not see it, I was deaf to it. I am discovering not only the rich tapestry and unique genius of people, places and experiences but a deeper acknowledgment of my own, the intricate weaving a of personal warp and woof that is the making of my own inherent genius.
   I have met amazing people every step of the way and experienced the living connection we all share when opening our hearts in full embrace of another. Courage is not something you will to happen or make happen, it is something you open to and allow. Courage is the place where fear and self love meet in embrace and choose to now move together as one. As this happens, the Soul steps forward to stand as the steward of the unification of love and fear all becoming ONE. In all things seek unity, not separation. And in this walk of courage, we discover the beauty of the human spirit, our individuality and our sameness.
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