Where is your passion? What is your passion? Is there anything that you are passionate about…something that energizes you, puts excitement in your voice, a sparkle in your eye and a smile on your face? Is there something that you just can’t get your mind off of…something you do solely for yourself and no one else…simply because it is enjoyable to you?

Are you one of those people that wakes up exhausted every morning only to retire more exhausted in the evening? Do you have difficultly remembering the events that occur during the course of a day? Is time passing by too quickly, yet days seem to last forever? Are you making a living or making a life? Is your job fulfilling? Do you look forward to the weekends only to become depressed by Sunday that you have to return to your ‘job’ again? What is your passion?

Statistics show that the majority of Americans today hate their jobs. The thing that once created a sense of passionate wonder has become a weighty piece of baggage they carry around. They also illustrate a deteriorating quality of life. Due to the fact that people settle into lives feeling they have no other choice or the pressure to remain ‘practical’ in a society that has become materialistically conscious, they remain stuck in circumstances that are self- limiting and self- abusive. We have become enslaved by the houses, cars, gadgets, electronics, and fantasy vacations just to try to ‘feel’ something.

Many people checked out a long time ago. They have allowed themselves to numb out and yet robotically continue their lives just waiting. More and more people are living in default, not making conscious choices that would alter their present realities. Furthermore, beliefs, patterns, perceptions, projections, and recurrent behavior reinforce the idea “It’s the way Life is. Just get used to it.” We pass these clouded versions of living onto younger generations snuffing their sparks of creativity, imagination, and passion.

It is soul suicide to stay in a place of consciousness where there is no excitement, no imagination, no creativity, and no aliveness! It is spiritual holocaust to perpetuate the idea that we are limited and that such lofty ideas of constant happiness and fulfillment are all pipe dreams. The statement ‘It is the way life is…just get used to it.‘ is a lie! It is an act of terrorism upon the mind, body, spirit, and soul. What are you passionate about?

We are creative beings. It is our spiritual purpose to constantly create. Yes, perhaps there was passion at a time for what you were educated in. And that passion lingered through the early part of your career. However at some point, if it becomes no longer fulfilling on ALL levels, it is time for a new choice! It is time for change! It is time for a new passion to be birthed!

The correlation between passion and the inability for more and more women to get pregnant and have children is something to contemplate. The womb is the creative center of the feminine energy. It is the the birthplace of all seed ventures. It is from that cauldron that creativity boils. However, when creativity, self image, confidence, and self worth diminish so does the literal creative ability of the womb. There are many documented cases where women who have tried to have children changed their lives and found passionate areas of focus. They initially may have done this to get their minds off of not being able to conceive. But in the conception of a new project, a new self image, a new state of being, they were also able to conceive the spirit of a new soul. Where is your passion?

Passion is powerful feeling, love, great enthusiasm, anger and rage. At one end of the continuum is anger and rage. It is the frustrated feeling of believing you cannot have what you want. It is the resentment that has built in the belief ‘you have no right to choose again’. On the other end of the polarity is passion, the excitement and enthusiasm of going for what you want regardless of the outcome. It is the belief in self and the’right to have a joyful experience of life’. And in that momentum of energy, you will receive all that you want and need…and more. Receive as you conceive!

Find your passion…it could be a bowl of slightly melted vanilla ice cream, a wonderful cup of coffee, shoes, yoga, writing, painting, animals, inventing, movies…it doesn’t matter what it is…it is yours. It is the thing you gift to yourself on a REGULAR basis. It is what you are entitled to! If you want to be an interior designer, a doctor, a lawyer, a Mom, a sculptor, whatever…then be it! A passion is something that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve. In pursuing that passion, you will find, love, life, energy, happiness, gratitude, inspiration, and true joy.

I am very passionate about writing. I write for the purposes of expressing, of creating, and of inspiring MYSELF….if I am able to touch anyone else in the process, then it has become a gift that keeps on giving. Allow yourself to experience the gift that you are…and then the world can as well.

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh