Be Bold & Fearless

We are coming upon an incredible new moon… one ripe for your intentions and dreams to be placed within. Be Bold… Be Fearless…How conscious are you about setting forth moments of ME time?
Yes… intentions, prayer, meditation, and intention are all ME time. It is the foundation for what creates your experience. And especially, in a time where things are accelerated, literally appearing 90 days after consistent focus… it is important to be cognizant. If you are not taking the time, what subconscious intentions or mindsets are really ruling your hemispheres and your world? I guess you will find out in 90 days. Just sayin…
I want you to make every moment count for YOU! Why? Because you are worth it! It is why you came. Check in to your heart… what is it really asking of you now? What feeling or experience is your soul desiring to know? Well…whatever it is…
You just have to do it! You must go do it! No matter what, you know, until you give it your all… your soul will not still. Win or lose… Succeed or fail… Your Spirit is now demanding something of you. YOU are demanding something of yourself! I am just voicing the small voice that has been speaking to you. We are in a time when it does not serve you to ignore and dishonor your guidance.
These dreams and passions are really all about the fear, OH YEAH… The fear of being BIG… BOLD… BRILLIANT… POWERFUL… REVOLUTIONARY… DIVINE!… It is the truth and fear of these things that hold you back… This is your truth… It is the uniqueness of your spirit desiring to birth in every moment! You are being asked to embrace that fear… walk with it and transmute it to allow your passion to manifest. It is why you have been dying to live… Literally dying to everything you have known so that you can truly LIVE!
You let a lot go last year…over many years… A LOT! I get it! I understand! Sometimes, it was excruciating. Other times, it felt like freedom. But, each time it was transformative, taking you far beyond what you ever thought you were capable of or could be. It didn’t kill you… It actually made you stronger, wiser and more skillful. You know deep down… the fear has never been about failure or smallness… it is because you would not let you see your BIGNESS! Your MASSIVE SELF! Can you let that go now? Release that ridiculous notion!
Will you do it again? Can you let go of anything… Everything? What you might not even be aware of to experience YOU? Will you let yourself be unbounded, passionate, evolutionary impulse and infinite possibility? Can you delve into your pure ECSTACY!
If you say YES… The Universe will show you your greatest self! You will go beyond being human; and you should because you are superhuman… DIVINE Human BEING!
I am planning on stretching into areas that I never imagined… it is coming soon. I want you to go with me and understand how I got to this point… why I did and why I think it maybe a place you must also go. Don’t know if I can… might be a little scary (for you)… (definitely for me). But I have to. Its been whispering in my ear a long long time… and I now have to listen. I’ll keep you posted…
In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter…
Simran Singh &

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