Change Awakens the Master

The inherent purpose of change is always to awaken what is deeply embedded within. As we struggle between man’s law and Divine Law, eventually there must be a choice that creates the balance of the two. This balance comes from a complete surrender…
We either believe control is necessary on the planet, or understand that all is in Divine order. Control means that there will be things that require fixing, saving and healing… manipulating, protecting and planning. It also determines a hierarchy that maintains a design… someone’s vision… an ego’s perspective. Control is the issuance of personal will.
Divine order maintains that we are always in a naturally unfolding organic process of balancing. This would mean, in Essence, there is no right or wrong; despite what thoughts the mind would massage. It is grounded in inspiration, service and creative capacity.
Can peace be found in any situation? Even the most painful? Only if we change the question we are asking. Instead of looking at …

‘What is wrong here?’

Perception and perspective must be attuned to …

‘What is right here?’

In that release of any energy that the ego holds in ‘wrongness’, the higher aspect aligns with the energy of Divine Will to support the balancing of wholeness. That unfolding then occurs more easily and effortlessly.

In Love & Oneness… Simran
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