Compassionate Presence

     Compassionate presence holds awareness that all is one and interconnected.
     There is no separation between us. What we do to another, we do to the self. What we wish upon another, is wished upon the self. We live in a world of projection, yet do not realize the boomerang effect of that projection.
     Everything is always reflected back. When unrecognized, it compounds in our outer world to keep knocking at us for attention. The growing violence in the world is a reflection of how we use words and thoughts as weapons. Guns can kill, but before a gun is lifted, a word or thought has been inflicted repeatedly. The gun is the reactionary response. War is a reactionary compounded response. Dominance and misuse of power or bullying will never create true change; only more of the same. How does it all begin?
     The subtlest and most insidious of our dis-ease forms of violence comes in gossip, secrets and little white lies we tell ourselves and others. Every distortion of truth is a watered down version of integrity and inner authority. Each secret held is a sickness that festers within. White lies are parasites that continuously grow, becoming bigger and bigger, creating illusions where truth once stood. All of this creates self-hate and anger internally.
     If we desire to clean up our relationships, societies and world… each individual must clean up their thoughts and words, becoming impeccable in their truth and integrity. For how we each give is how we each shall receive. Gossip, lies, secrets and withholding are the gravest and deadliest shadows of self care, self love and self respect. Speak the truth; speak your truth… live in absolute integrity for your own sake. Most importantly, we must have compassionate presence for every person; they are doing the best they can by ho they have been taught. Be the example; model something different.
In Love…