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Daily Diary 5-6-13

I know in my six years of serving… I have given a lot away freely… well, okay everything away freely. My mother always taught me when you give someone something, give it with no conditions, no strings and no attachments. So I have done my work in that way. I do not feel anyone owes me anything. I believe if my work is strong enough and powerful enough, people will align with my words because they resonate. I get that ‘business’ has to happen, that ‘money’ seems necessary… but I am not sure that it is the only way… very clear it is not the best way. Is that altruistic? Maybe. Is it ahead of its time? Possibly.
Join this movement… Pledge not for us… but for yourself. To dive into the unknown with us. To organically create. To self organize as a system newly forming… To create and collaborate in a community that knows there is another way and is willing to move through the questions and answers of that unfolding as one and all are celebrated for their unique genius.
I invite you to pledge to The Rebel Road Tour Kickstarter Campaign so we may come to a city near you and celebrate this birthing around North America!
PLEDGE HERE NOW & THANK YOU!:­the-rebel-road-tour?ref=live
Love Simran
www.ConversationsWithTheUniverse. com ( My NEW Book!!!! )

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