Divine Reverance

SoM_Mar2017_cover     Namaste, the Divine reverence and recognition of all other ‘Being(s)’ as the Divine Sacred Oneness and the Self in union, communion and celebration. We are each a seed of birthing creative capacity in a full garden with other seeds of the same full and vibrant potential… and we are that garden in its fullness. As I wrote in Conversations With the Universe, the world is speaking to us, as us, all of the time. Why? To show us who we are…ALL of who we are. We are here to celebrate unique genius and expression, in all of its flowering in the massive landscape of collective consciousness.

We all encompass a garden within that requires fertilizing, nurturing, sunlight, fuel and water. There must be the space to grow, yet protective coverage from the harshness that life can offer. And… we must understand that the first part of our lives, birthing – growing, pushing – through – toiling and bursting forth … is a vision quest in itself. Wow… our beginnings and dark night is a vision quest. How profound…. and what amazing places and things it leads us to!
I am honored and excited to be featured on the Cover of
SCIENCE OF MINDS’s — 90 the Anniversary — MARCH 2017 Issue
Founded in 1927 by Dr. Ernest Holmes, Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine inspires readers to create happier, richer and more satisfying lives using spiritual principles. The monthly publication has 40,000 subscribers around the world and a Facebook following of 500,000. It is available at Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores and comes in print and digital formats. It is published by Centers for Spiritual Living, headquartered in Golden, Colorado.
I am humbled that my journey began with this publication. First as a reader and a subscriber… Later in an occasional Letter to the Editor… Then as inspiration for my own foray into creative expression and the birthing of 11:11 Magazine.  We never know what is waiting for us around the corner… we just have to keep placing our footprints upon the sand and see where we find ourselves.
The March issue features Simran Singh, a self-proclaimed “rebel humanitarian,” who believes that the daughters and sons of this planet are creative capacity Itself, here to experience and express. “We bridge humanity and divinity by embodying all as Oneness,” she says.
“The mystic inside of us is also being called upon to steward the heart and emotional mastery. Our true soulmate is the side we want to forget, that part we want to judge … and ultimately who ventured its path so we could remember our brilliance.” – Simran Singh, SOM March 2017 Edition  

The Art of Uncertainty: Dennis Merritt Jones — CLICK HERE

The Art of Uncertainty is about learning to use our time spent in this Earth School wisely. Regardless of your level of education, the school of life itself is always in session. As we make living in the mystery a daily practice, we prepare ourselves for the adventure regardless of whether we are pushed onto the pathway of uncertainty by inspiration or desperation, or by pleasure or pain. In either case, we shall discover it is a journey we can learn to love. With its ‘Points to Ponder’ and ‘Mindfulness Practices’ at the end of each chapter, you can consider The Art of Uncertainty the perfect guidebook on how to step into the mystery of life and love it.
In Love… Simran
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