Particularly in the moments when things look dark, lays the opportunity to dive into our dreams.
The media’s job is to create news…it is what we require of it. The media is supposed to be sensational, dramatic, and provocative…or we would not be drawn to read it. As human beings, we are an essence of creativity…and creativity can show up a few different ways.
True creativity would mean jumping into dreams with both feet, perhaps not knowing the ‘How’ of them. Yet there is a stirring within the inner spirit and an excitement that seesaws between enthusiasm and fear. It is the fear portion of that creativity that determines what we do.
The sensation of fear generally creates a fight or flight response. It is a desire to run to something opposite to it or fight until you surmount the issue. So laugh at all you create to distract yourself from your real power. Smile at the dramas that ensue so you can take your focus on what you may be afraid of stepping into. Then, when the time feels right, choose to no longer stand in the muck an dmire you have created and birth something beautiful and creative and fun!
The essence of you  is sitting back waiting to be revealled and will do so when you allow it…when you acknowledge it is there..and when you say to yourself…I BELIEVE !
It is necessary to express the creative spirit otherwise there is a gnawing in the gut, an emptiness in life, and a disconnect to the self. One must acknowledege themselves before anyone else can truly acknowledge them. One must hear themselves before anyone else can hear them.  One must see themselves before anyone else can even behold the sight of who they truly are… Our simple acts of power give others th epermission to  recognize the power that is indwelleth as well.
Do you not know how? Are you afraid? Is it something you have never tried before? Do you think you are not good enough and need more time to prefect? Is this beautiful creation that God made continually growing, evolving and changing? Is it ever complete or perfect? Then why do we place such demands upon ourselves? The time is NOW!
Plant that garden! Sculpt! Wrte the book! Dance, dance, and dance some more! Sing!, Paint! Run a mamrathon! Create… Create…. Create! Experience the vast depths and heights of yor limitless possibility.
Perhaps the journey is not the end result or the perfection of something…perhaps it is birthing and continually unfolding…perhaps it is every step along the way…every mis-step…every imperfection and every triumph.
Today is the day to step into your creative aspect…to dive off the cliff into your dreams…to discover the parts you may not have met. Today is the day to begin discovering who you really are!
All you have to do is… BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion !!!
Wamrest Regards,
Simran Singh