What is the Eclipse Showing You?

What a powerful time with all of the eclipse action this month!
The cosmos is urging us into our best selves; beckoning a bolder way of being… a newway of seeing… a more sacred and vulnerable view of holding everything. These eclipses are to catalyze real letting go. We are to let go of who we believe ourselves to be… because that is a story, a lie…  a false self. Now is the time to embrace only truth…truth in action… truth in word…  truth in being.
We are love. It’s what we are here to do and be, plain and simple. Anything other than that will be the experience of pain, destruction and turmoil. Love is never confused. It is clear. It knows what it is and when it is being expressed. It speaks with brevity and compassion. It holds a space for listening and understanding. It is fierce and loyal. It is interdependent and courageous. True love is detached; but that does not mean it is not fully preset. It is deeply present with passion and feeling, but unwilling to compromise itself.
Pain, fear, anger and revenge are confusion, chaos, hate, war and doubt. This is compromise. It is disrespect of self and others. The only one who it is really hurting, destroying and killing… is the one that is in the grip of those emotions. The other is merely experiencing the effects… while also, seeing aspects of its own nature that can be transmuted if willing to do the work.
The eclipse is here to bring attention to all of the darkness that is blocking the light. It is appearing to let us know that we can hold a steady vision for Light, and in doing so, it will appear stronger and brighter.
Love everyone… Forgive everything… Hold a steady vision for all. Time for talk is over. This is a time to embody it!
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… I AM SIMRAN
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