How my world expresses itself is reflected in the way I choose to receive it. My senses are just a part of the dance…it is movement of the spirit, song of the heart, and staccato of the mind; so much more than the playground of the senses. Through touch, smell, sight and taste, I can experience so much. But it is beyond the eyes and ears…for that I am truly grateful.  
     I am so grateful for the pounding in my forehead this morning…it reminds me I am gifted another day. My legs were a little stiff getting out of bed…I am so grateful that there are new steps to take and in a whole new way. I was running behind, getting late for school drop off…It was a wonderful reminder that all we need to know is there is more time.
     I close my eyes and go within. I hear and feel my breath. There is stillness, a peaceful dawning. A sense of serenity flows over me. In that moment there was only me…yet there was everything. I felt so complete. The music came on. The drums resonated with my root chakra. My spirit began to stir. I felt the rhythm unite with me as I began to move. The sounds became more inviting and held a melody I felt within my heart. I filled with gratitude that I opened to knowing the experience of the many levels that I am.
     My minds chatter began as I danced. It questioned what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how long would it take? it tried to convey that I was being silly. I allowed the thoughts to pass through my moving meditation. I thanked them for coming and being a part of the journey. My concentration went back to my breathing and the movement.
     As I gently glided about the room, eyes closed, I sensed the energy of my own being. I am so much more than I think I am…I am not just a body and a mind. I am not the clothes I wear, the job I do, or the role I have placed upon myself. I am not my eyes, ears or nose. I am not my name. I am not my thoughts and beliefs. I am not my past generations or future ones. I am so much more.
     What I realized is that I was invited to a grand party. It is the celebration of life in all its expressions whether it be a headache, traffic, mental chatter, fluid movement, stillness, or breath…The journey is on!
I am so grateful for such a wide and varied experience in which I may discover who I am, how I do things, where my actions and reactions come from. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity for growth and discovery…it is so much more than eyes and ears. Thank you wonderful Universe for the chance to find out why I am here.
     Did you thank yourself this morning for each and every experience you encountered? Do you see the gift in all of the perceived “good” and “bad”? Did you allow yourself a moment to be with YOU? Did you notice your breath, your heartbeat, your movement? Have you seen how you have been dancing? The journey is on!
Be conscious today…of every little and big thing…and be grateful to be able to…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!! 
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh