Find Your Voice…It is there… It is to be connected to… It is callling from within and without… It shows up all around you … It desires to be heard, especially by YOU ! 

     Every individual is born with a unique and resounding voice. It is the symphony that outpours from the essence of who they are. It goes beyond the sound of the voice or even the words to be said. Voice is the ultimate expression of who we each are in every capacity of being.

    So often, articles and books talk about people needing to find their voices, but often that is interpreted as needing to speak up, fight for what is required, or be able to have a comeback. And, although there are moments when these form of voice may be required, there is a voice that is more powerful; one that does not necessarily make a sound.

Find your voice

  1. Voice can be the manner in which you dress. What are your clothes saying about you?
  2. Voice can be your stance. How do you sit, walk, and move?
  3. Voice can be how you express creatively. What are you doing to nurture yourself and allow that creative essence to come out? Do you write, paint, sing, dance, garden, sew, etc
  4. Voice can be how you handle situations as they arise. Remember it is not the issue; it is how you handle the issue that counts.

Allow your voice to speak volumes today, whether it is coming, going, sitting, moving…but all the while being.

All you have to do is…

BELIEVE..Beyond the Illusion !!!

Warmly, respectfully, and lovingly…

Simran Singh