Forgiveness… the Miracle

The face of innocence…have you seen it lately? The world wants to convince us of dangers, lack, threat and violence… But is it real?
As we approach the holiday season, there is more talk about miracles of religion, miracles of compassion, and miracles of health. It is just natural that these topics find there way to mainstream media, which is a nice change from the almost always negative bombardment that occurs, especially this election year.
I believe a miracle is an act of kindness or a gesture extended toward another out of love, care, and compassion. If a miracle actually follows my definition then they are not so uncommon… and they can be created by each one of us moment-by-moment each and every day.
As human beings, we are guarded in actions and words. Our reactions lash out but our love and vulnerability is often held in. We worry about ‘how things will look’, ‘what people will say’, and ‘how much won’t get done’. To reclaim our innocence, we have to shed those veneers. It is necessary to tear down the walls of safety and protection that we have spent our lifetimes building. It means going back to re-experience the core of who we are before we allowed ourselves to become what we are.
Innocence means feeling…truly feeling everything. It is the vulnerability of OPENING THE HEART. Feel every emotion to the fullest so that you are alive…. and yes, that means JOY, LAUGHTER, HAPPINESS, ECSTASY! Sometimes that will also mean pain and sadness. But when you open both the sides, you will come to realize, its all just weather; like sunshine and rainstorms… each serving and beautiful, in their own ways
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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