Upon the walking trail of life; we go back and forth, coming and going, doing and being.  In navigating the human experience, we are born into a world free to play and wander. As infants, we are ‘being’ from a very personal perspective. We have what we need, we breathe the way intended; there are no concerns regarding love or money because abundance just is. We inherently know that we are receiving when we experience ourselves. The experience of oneself authentically is the true giving to another. As young children, ‘what we receive joy from’ and ‘how we give joy to others’ is our true purpose. What happens to us?

      For a child, playing outside is a sensory experience of placing ones hands in the mud or feeling the tickle of cool grass under bare feet. It is the joy of splashing through puddles or digging hands into paint and clay. The body becomes part of the experience, from the nose and feet to smiles and sounds. We feel from the heart center who we are. We feed that essence with the experiences taken in. Even a cut or scrape becomes the full blown experience of color, sound, tears, etc and it may take a few seconds to see the blood and then cry, but participation ensues. Dance is an experience because a child sings, hums, moves, and feels uninhibited. Children live each experience, giving and receiving of/to themselves exactly what they need.

As we get older, giving and receiving take on new definitions. We are taught how to withhold. Withholding means to hold back, to hide, to lie, or to cover we are shown it may not be alright or acceptable to be who we are. Masks begin to form in order to cover the persona that at one time felt so free. Withholding is utilized as a shield that transcends into many areas of life: love, personality, feelings, voice, self care, truth, etc Soon every endeavor becomes more of a ‘barter exchange’ instead of an ‘essence’ experience. The focus is no longer giving or receiving, it becomes more about what ‘should’ I do to get what I ‘want’.  For example:                                                                                                               

·         ‘I should work harder, then I will get more money.’·         ‘I should do what he/she wants, so that I can get some peace or love.’·         ‘If I give more to others, then I will be able to get more.’ ·         ‘If I just stay quiet then I will get to move along unnoticed.’·         ‘I should ‘live’ less because others have not been able to.·         ‘I should let him do this, then I will get to do what I want.’    Should means ‘I really do not want to but I tell myself it is what is expected of me.’ The result becomes a cycle of depletion and exhaustion instead of creativity and energy. The saying, ‘Giving must begin at home.’ is as much true for the individual as it is for the family, community, and nation. In order to give the family, community, and nation YOU must first and foremost give to YOU. It is imperative that receiving and giving of/to the ‘self’ be a full part of the experience to enjoy the full range of emotions. Otherwise, we tip the scale more in favor of sad, angry and resentful feelings rather than experiencing the spectrum of happiness, joy and gratitude.

The focus of this issue is, of course, Giving & Receiving.  These times that many are finding so challenging are the wake up call. If such depletion AFFECTS our society, economy, morality, and environment where is that going on inside each one of us? YES it is time to give back but this time give back to the self. Heal the ability to receive. Be the example so others give themselves permission also. ‘Play’ your part in shifting global consciousness as you receive and give and share and receive. A new time, cycle, and experience will take EFFECT and ripple out. All we have to do is BELIEVE and RECEIVE All you have to do is BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion !!!                                                                                                     Warmly,  Simran “Simmi”  Singh                   (Transcript from May/June 2009 11:11 Magazine – to subscribe for this Bi-monthly Print Publication supporting personal development, growth and empowerment.)