Great Full Heart – New November 11:11 Mag!

There is a distinction between gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is of the mind…it is of the mouth. It is the affirmation from the neck up.Gratitude can also be a part of the conditioning that has been imprinted… part of the ‘should’. I do not mean to offend; as we are all taught to have a gratitude practice. It can be a good thing, but go with me for a second…
Appreciation is integrated into the body. It is the Great Full Heart. To appreciate something is to truly value it… to know it… to have fully received it. It is something that is known in the body. It is from the neck down. The head is silent, yet nodding in full agreement. There is no story, no other thought. A person becomes the ‘ONE’ with the very thing being appreciated.

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