Happy New Year… Happy New You !

56We are creative beings. It is our spiritual purpose to continually create. Yes, perhaps there was passion at a time for what you were educated in. And that passion lingered through the early part of your career. However at some point, if it becomes no longer fulfilling on ALL levels, it is time for a new choice! It is time for change! It is time for a new passion to be birthed!
Are you pregnant with possibility?
Are you birthing something new?
Are you open to multiple births at once?
The correlation between passion and the ability or inability to get pregnant is something to contemplate. The womb is the creative center of the feminine energy. It is the the birthplace of all seed ventures. It is from that cauldron that creativity boils. However, when creativity, self image, confidence, and self worth diminish so does the literal creative ability of the womb. There are many documented cases where women who have tried to have children changed their lives and found passionate areas of focus. They initially may have done this to get their minds off of not being able to conceive. But in the conception of a new project, a new self image, a new state of being, they were also able to conceive the spirit of a new soul.
We, as individual god sparks, are the womb space of creation. Our ability to create is dependent on our state of mind, place of emotions and strength of body. Most importantly, it is through…
a self image of owning that you are the vessel of spirit…
a self-value of a being worthy of more…
a self- trust of knowing you are one with the Divine presence.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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