Have You Shaken Things Up Enough?

12118696_10208262015896647_9155250005014713379_nEach life is like a magic snow globe. When we realize the clear boundary of guardedness we create, a true connection to friends, family & lovers can open…
Often times we do not realize how we are the one who creates the clear boundary, keeping us from other people. How could we? It’s invisible… We move out in the world, yet still feel disconnected and alone… Although we have the desire to connect, does not mean we really connect with others.
So what do we do to change that? We tend to have someone come by and really shake up our world. You know.. the way the flurry of flakes swirl around your world when something hits… it all still looks the same but it is a little harder to see with all the stuff flying.
But if we can realize that the stuff is like snow – crystalized water meant to cleanse, heal and fractalize a new way of seeing, being and responding to life – we learn, we grow, and we break the invisible walls that keep us from truly connecting to others in the world.
What has to happen to allow you to truly connect to others? To open your heart fully? To realize that relationship is the only true wealth, friendship is the only path to family… and love is the only real answer… and ordinary life is spirituality.
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