"I accept!"

Are you ready to receive the good in your life? Are you open to actually having abundance and prosperity? Are you willing to live in that space? Can you take in what is your divine right  as a human and spiritual being? Can YOU…with full mind, body, and spirit say…”I accept!”    
Who do you think you are not? Is it not your divine right as a human being…as a spiritual being to have all that you desire in this lifetime? What do you want? Do you desire to be rich, have a big house, travel, work at a different place, have a healthy loving relationship, play more? What is it you really want? What kind of experience are you looking for those things to give you? What do you want your journey to look like?
     If everything you wanted were to show up, could you handle it? Could you say… “I accept!” Could you wrap yourself around all of that good without feeling unworthy, guilty, not good enough,  or thinking it was going to be taken from you; that it was too good to last? How are you going to keep the negative self-talking self saboteur out of your head…and your life? Can you affirm your desires?
     Today I affirm that I am a divine child of the Universe. I fully accept and receive that which is my inheritance! I accept healthy supportive relationships in my life! I accept laughter, fun and freedom! I accept and openly receive abundance in all parts of my life! I honor myself by accepting only what is best for my health and well-being! I open my hands and fully accept prosperity as my new experience! I accept that although I may have been hurt, broken, and wounded…I no longer tolerate that in my life. I accept the past that occurred. I accept myself for who I am in this right now moment! I accept and rightfully claim the future as the expansive, invigorating, energizing, joy filled experience I was born to have. I accept that is the contract I signed before coming here. I accept that I am ready…I am willing…I am fully able to take in all of the good that I deserve and desire! I accept…I accept…Iaccept! And so it is!!!
Just BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Have an incredible day!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh (Founder of Believe…Choices For Conscious Living — www.BelieveSC.com)