“I KNOW I AM SAFE BEING ME.” There comes a time when who you have been does not feel quite right any longer. Situations and circumstances arise where you go through the motions, responding as you always have. Yet, a small voice keeps saying, “Is this who I really am?” Are you ready to move beyond who you have allowed yourself to be? Has the time come, to no longer be dictated by the tribe (family, society, peers) as to what you will now let the world see? Your mantra today is …I know I am safe being me.
     More often than not, we become what we allow ourselves to be molded into by family, friends, peers, and society. We let go of the parts of ourselves that are really resonant with our true purpose in this lifetime. It is not bad that this occurs because the lessons along the way to remembering our truth are also what we will use to assist others in recognizing theirs. To find true purpose and live by example is the most authentic state of being one can experience.
This comes with some surrender. To become more of who you are, you have to let go of who you have been. You must let go of the comments you believe others will make. And, most importantly, you have to let go of the judgments of yourself in making such changes.
Most people think being powerful and stepping ito greatness requires strength and courage. However, although these elements can be part of the mix, what is most important is allowing yourself to be “vulnerable.” Being vulnerable opens the heart to say, I am willing to stand for myself and not know what it is to look like. This means that you have to trust. It also means that there is a greater force than you that is standing above, below, in front of, behind and beside you. You are safe. You are surrounded by an all protective force.
 Does this mean that there will not be challenges, perhaps some pitfalls, and successes? Of course there will be. It is part of the journey of being able to experience who you are able to be in the face of all circumstance. To judge is to be violent to oneself. To acknowledge and accept it as part of the ride takes the pressure off and is much more gentle and loving.
Step into your authentic self. Know your own greatness. Be vulnerable. And, keep affirming “I know I am safe being me.”
Your life is your own and should be lived that way. If only you  just…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh  ( I invite you to visit my new site http://www.BelieveSC.com/index2.html )