Into the Sigh-Lens

 Your Spirit is a calling to you to be totally present and In Love, Of Love, With Love and As Love … uniting in the Oneness of all dimensions and realms. You will feel a change happening inside of you, physiologically and energetically of you slip into the silence. It is available to everyone…
     I invite you this holiday season to choose ONE day… just ONE, where you will quietly hold vigil for yourself, be unto the Self… Hold the sacredness of this time and meaning in Light, Love, Birth and Celebration. We are venturing into a very powerful year ahead. 
     Stillness is the birthplace of all creation. Only within the quiet can we hear the ‘Word’  that goes beyond all meaning… which manifests to the highest capacity of creation and that which spells out the Truth as it has never been heard before.  
     It is only in the silence where you can stop doing all that you have become addicted to doing. In the quiet, you can let go of the personality and identity in order to see beyond it. In the stillness, you discover new ways to dance and move and play. Is it time you took a moment to go into the place of ‘Sigh-Lens’… one of exhale and relaxation… new vision and ‘in sight’.
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love…