I am studying a wonderful book called The Course In Miracles. It is a book that was created by Helen Schucman and William Thetford, Professors of medical psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City. The Workbook Companion actually simplifies the teachings in a way that any individual can recognize the duality and illusion that exists within their lives. It also made me stop and really think about ‘miracles.’

As we approach the holiday season, there is more talk about miracles of religion, miracles of compassion, and miracles of health. It is just natural that these topics find there way to mainstream media, which is a nice change from the almost always negative bombardment that occurs.

I started contemplating what a miracle actually is. I believe a miracle is an act of kindness or a gesture extended toward another out of love, care, and compassion. If a miracle actually follows my definition then they are not so uncommon.

Over the span of history, miracles have been portrayed as grand acts that stem out of nowhere, great accomplishments that came after a difficult road, or something that was only possible by historical religious figures. I think that is a lie. We have bought into the idea that something outside of ourselves is the only energy able to accomplish such things. Yet, we are creative beings that have the ability to do anything. Every religious tradition, The Holy Bible, The Torah, The Holy Qur’an, The Bhagadvad Gita and countless others, in some way reference that we were made in the image of our creator with access to like abilities.

As human beings, we discount the numerous things that we do. There are so many miracles performed each day that go unnoticed by the giver as well as the receiver. It is time to slow down and appreciate the things we consider small and insignificant. It is time to stop taking people, time, and gestures for granted.

Helping an elderly woman up the steps…Opening a door for another individual…Covering someone with an umbrella in the rain…Being a shoulder to cry on…Calling a friend and offering support…Spending time talking to someone that is alone… These are countless examples of small miracles that are performed every day. These acts touch the lives and benefit people in ways that are unknown. Yet the person performing the action does not always acknowledge its importance; nor does the receiver always comprehend its true meaning. What occurs is an act of ‘ONENESS’. It is simply tuning into another in such a way that you blend even if for a moment.

Metaphysically, it is suggested that we are all parts of a whole. We are all connected. As we move through life, we meet people that are our reflections to help us along the path to self realization. If we are truly all one, then any act of kindness, any miracle is really being performed upon ourselves.

Just thought I would share these thoughts as we move into the holiday season. If you see a homeless person, know that is you…an elderly person having difficulty is also you…a young teenager that has lost there way is you…the person you hold judgment against is you…the person that is a different color is you…We are all One…We are our own ‘Miracle’ waiting to happen in every moment…even beyond the Holiday season!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh