Iyanla Vanzant Interview with Simran Singh on 11:11 Talk Radio

Bestselling Author Iyanla Vanzant to be featured on 11:11 Talk Radio with host Simran Singh, Thursday, December 2 at 4 PM Pacific Time on 7th Wave Network
Phoenix, AZ November 29, 2010 — Simran Singh, publisher of 11:11 Magazine has been a strong voice of empowerment, providing creative discussions for personal evolution. As a visionary who spurs deep conversations, introspective glances and powerful insight, Singh has taken to the air waves with 11:11 Talk Radio, hosted by Voice America, the single largest producer of internet talk radio programming in the world. The quickly rising brand of 11:11 brings powerful dialogues of conscious change to mass audiences through its online syndicated format. Singh interviews leaders of new thought, spirituality, self-help and empowerment such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson and Debbie Ford.

Iyanla Vanzant, author of 13 titles, including five bestsellers, and former host of the television series Iyanla, in addition to former co-host of  the NBC daytime reality show Starting Over, will be appearing on December 3, 2010 for an hour long interview regarding her latest release, Peace From Broken Pieces. Vanzant recants her personal story of how a New York Times best-selling author ends up flat broke – looking for a place to live, how a 37-year relationship ends in divorce by e-mail, and how an internationally recognized spiritual teacher ends up on the edge of the bed in a million-dollar home slated for foreclosure – contemplating suicide. Learn about the power of friends, faith, and prayer. Discover why everything you need to learn is reflected in your relationships. Gain a new understanding of the patterns and pathologies that families unconsciously pass down through the generations—– until someone finally breaks through. Put your personal puzzle together, and dare to claim the peace that you truly deserve.

One of the nation’s ten best orators, Iyanla Vanzant has the power to move masses to cry unshed tears or explode in liberating laughter. Almost overnight she became America’s ‘‘guru from the ’hood,’’ appearing on major national television and radio, including Oprah and The Tom Joyner Morning Show. But at home, everything was crumbling around her. Few knew that she felt broken, damaged, and desperate. Her husband wanted out of their fairy-tale marriage. Her meteoric rise as a celebrity uncovered a debilitating personal lie. Her daughter was diagnosed with colon cancer. The only thing that sustained her was her commitment to know and serve God.

Singh began airing 11:11 Talk Radio on Voice America’s 7th Wave Network in May of 2009, just after 11:11 Magazine reached national chain distribution. Since then, both 11:11 Talk Radio and 11:11 Magazine have received praise and recognition for being quality products of in depth material. Singh has created a reputation for consistent creativity and empowerment through multiple platforms. 
11:11 Talk Radio airs live on Thursdays at 4 PM Pacific / 6 PM Central / 7 PM Eastern on 7th Wave Network. To access the show, log on at www.7thwavenetwork.com. All shows will be available in Simran Singh’s Content Library on 7th Wave Network for on-demand and podcast download.
About Simran Singh
Simran Singh, a first generation East Indian, resides in South Carolina where she has become known as the trail blazer of awareness for spiritual and new thought concepts from deep within the Bible Belt South. A series of repeated occurrences with the numbers 11:11 over a three week span resulted in the inspiration that is now 11:11 Magazine and 11:11 Talk Radio. To find out more about Simran Singh, 11:11 Magazine, 11:11 Talk Radio or to view a free issue, visit 1111mag.com.