Beyond all restraints, past all barriers, above every fear, limitation, and doubt there is FREEDOM. Outside of every condition, in spite of all ‘should’s, ‘would’s and ‘could’s there is FREEDOM. Seeing through cultural, social, racial, and religious dogma defying ageism and sexism stepping through practicality, obligation, logic, and intellectual justification FREEDOM  RINGS!     But what is freedom? What does it mean to you? Where are you not free in your life? What is holding you hostage? So often the things we perceive to be walls in our lives are simply the reflections of our own thoughts and beliefs. What would you change about your life in this moment? And what are you doing to change it?     It begins in mind. All creation, all manifestation, all situations first begin in mind and then out-picture in our realities. What is it that you are creating in your life? Your present is a result of all past thoughts. What you say, do, and think today is creating the reality of tomorrow. Will you allow yourself the opportunity to consciously bring about your existence?      We are powerful beings having the ability to co-create with the Universe. The body, the mind, and the spirit are the tools that must be consciously tapped into to work the process. Feelings, words, vision and focus are the ingredients necessary. Through this collaboration, this dialogue, this thoughtful conversation a human being’s interior landscape becomes a personal movie on the earth plane. The magnificent part of this production is that we are the writer, producer, actor and viewer all at the same time     The Universe truly wants us to uncover our individual greatness. Perhaps the Universe desires to discover and rediscover its own magnitude through us. Is it possible that the journey we take is simply a wonderful way to discard our perceived weaknesses and leap into our beautiful and unique talents, qualities, and attributes? Expansion and growth can be achieved on all levels, seen and unseen. In knowing ourselves, we come to know the meaning of life and the Universe comes to know us and itself.     A journey exists for each one of us. It is not one that can be measured by pass or fail because simply in walking we all succeed. But freedom comes when we are willing to step into the places that seem foreign. Freedom is the ability to live passionately, to find purpose and meaning in all things, to share deeply, and to live in service.     
Freedom allows us to live from the heart. Freedom casts aside all labels, seeing life as a co-creative process in which every step along the way is as important as the beginning and the end. Freedom celebrates conscious decisions allowing Earth
School to become an exciting adventure where we live boldly, love deeply, walk compassionately, create endlessly, and see forgivingly.

     Where do you need to live more boldly? Who can you love more deeply? What can you see in a more compassionate way? What can you create joyfully? Who or what needs your forgiveness?   We are one in the same breathe each other in Recognize yourself in the mirror of every person you meet. LET FREEDOM RING!  All you have to do is…BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran “Simmi” Singh

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