Let Life Lead

     Let life lead you where it desires. It is organic and wise; it sees a grander perspective that one can from the ground.
     Resistance to change will create winding pathways, a scenic route, that eventually leads to the same destination. One who is closed off from possibility will experience wave after wave until they are willing to be taken in. Life can only do what it does… continue on.
     It is always guiding with infinite wisdom. People are cells within life… living out the natural body systems for health and longevity of experience and expression. Land masses are organs that support healthy life function. Our waters, the movement of waves washing in and out, as any body system does… nourishes, holds, and releases.
     Resist nothing, embrace everything… Love it all. Life will never let you down; in each step is another adventure. When life brings you to its low points, kneel and touch the ground … when life lifts you up, touch the sky.
In Love…