There it is…the little annoyance about yourself that nags, and haunts and mocks you. It is that one trait that stays in the back of your mind. It is that one part of the body or characteristic that is so undeniably “you” yet you wish it weren’t. It is that aspect of life that sits in front of you that you try to manipulate, control, and make into what you think it should be…and it still does not feel good. So what? Let “it” go…     For some people “it” might be the size of the nose or the love handles. For others it might be excess weight or color of your hair or the shape of your chin. Some people have contention with the way they walk, how their laugh comes out, or the twitch that is ever present.
     For others it might be a relationship that you keep hanging onto. It might be the family member or friend that really does everything possible to annoy you… It might be the obligatory friendship, responsibility, or image that is “supposed” to be. We each have something that we use to distract ourselves from how powerful we really are. 
    We do our best to manipulate, control, maneuver, and walk through things that just are not working. And, then we get mad at the world because we do not want to recognize we are really mad at ourselves for the self-betrayal that has been committed. Part of that self-betrayal comes from buying into thoughts and ideas of others, the media, the lower level consciousness that exists.
The first step in living authentic lives is learning how to be totally honest about who you really are and what you want.
It requires having an up close and personal conversation with yourself. How do you limit yourself?…berate yourself?… punish yourself?…betray yourself? Why ask these questions? So that you can know who you are. Most of us walk through life never truly discovering who we are, our hopes, our dreams, our wounds, our idiosyncracies, etc…
Why do you do what you do? How is it serving you? Yes, everything that happens to you serves you in some way. Because, even the most miserable of circumstances feeds you…it may not be a healthy…but you get a payoff from it. What’s the payoff?
    For some, the payoff is getting to be right. It is getting to be right about life being unfair, or not being worthy, or being the victim. For others the payoff is not having to step into one’s power, remaining limited, and not having to truly feel what success or happiness feels like….and in some cases not allowing oneself to truly feel their depth of pain so they can let it go. 
     Some of you may wonder, well how is that a payoff…and why would someone choose that for themselves? A person would choose that because they were afraid to be as wonderful and powerful and successful as they imagine. It would mean, in their mind, that they had wasted time by not achieving this place sooner. It would mean that who they thought they were, ‘their story’, would be a lie. Another perspective would be, ‘What will other people think?’ The thought is, “Who am I to go beyond my family, my peers, my own personal understanding. ‘They’ might think I am trying to be better than they are. They may leave me. I might lose my friends.”
     I have two statements for you…
1. What other people think is none of your business!
2. When you are authentic, successful, powerful, real, etc… you give other people permission to do the same!
    Your presence on the planet matters. One purpose for each person here is to know themselves to the fullest extent they can. What that means is you must experience the full gammit of who you are…in all of your glory. When you do so, you shift the world becuase your individual consciousness shifts.
Let it go…means that you do not have to stay stuck in the beliefs, thoughts, circumstances, or relationships that are not loving and self-honoring. You have to stand for YOU. When you are able to do that…a world will open up that allows you to feel more alive, more loved, and more present than you have ever been.
Are you ready to let “it” go…it is time to make another choice.
All you have to do is…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran “Simmi”  Singh