Lighten Up Already!

Okay… I am coming out of the closet! Well, actually it has to be there for one to come out of the closet and I am not quite sure where to find it… but I am willing to look. I am willing to dig really, really, really deep… because I have to! Surely it is in here somewhere.

     I am so happy to share wisdom and insight and I really get off doing the inner work… I actually find it fun… I know “SPERD!” ( That equates to ‘Spiritual Nerd’ ) but I have realized I am just way, way, way to serious! I have always been serious. In fact, I have been serious since the moment I was born. I am so serious, I must be from the planet Sirius. 

Well, I want to Lighten up and one day, November 2102, in the midst of my letting go of… oh so much in my life… I got an intuitive hit: “I have to Lighten Up!” You know the other kind. I was told to become a stand up comedian. I laughed for the next two hours. And once I settled down, I reflected back on the numbers of people throughout my life I told to become stand up comedians. Well, we always give the advice we are supposed to take… and I could only recognize in another what HAS to exist within me so I am going on an adventure!

We make processing such a process, and life soooooooo serious. Or, many use laughter as a mask rather than its genuine form. I want to reveal the truth! Well, the intuitive hit was that I needed to stand up… Yeah… you guessed it, Stand Up Comedy. See I already have you laughing at the mere thought of it! Well, realistically my version of it… one that has humor ( once, I figure mine out ), great insights and a quirky way of looking at life.

If the Universe has a sense of humor, well I will be darned, I am going to find mine! I want that doubled over, hands to the gut, tears streaming out of the eyes, bodily fluids spraying, belly laugh that I have witnessed others have…. it does not sound much different than pain or the Dark Night experiences, BUT I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE LOOK LIKE THAT AND THEY WERE LAUGHING!!! 


Will you come with me?

I can promise you insight, different perspectives…

And a real commitment to…

The Sense of Humor… 

So, as EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCING ITSELF, I now drop into the space of creation, discovery and the space for Laughter, Joy and a Sense of Humor to RISE UP and be known by all the other senses! I figure I talk a lot about people taking leaps and stretching themselves but what better way to teach than by being the example. So, I am choosing to go here… be courageous and be terrified… and probably will bomb several times but will eventually find my way. And, in the process, let you see someone step into their power by having absolutely no idea what they are doing? Gotta be a riot, right? Well come with me… support and smile ( because smiling is good for you… not because I am actually funny ) and eventually I might get you laughing. I would love feedback… and any advice or help you can offer… hey I am open… WIDE OPEN!

Could you use a little more laughter in your life?

Would it help to look at all the hard stuff in a new Light?

Do you need to Lighten up?

My first show has aired and is available through today. You can have a FREE membership to hear my show every two weeks for a 24 hour period, unless you sign up for World Puja’s subscription which has my show and a whole lot of others at anytime.


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Journey into the Lighter Side of the Dark Night!

“InnerViews On the Lighter Side” airs 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of every month on the World Puja internet broadcasting system. 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern time, and again at 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern time — or you can listen to the archives 24 hours a day.

Join me… Catch a little crazy! Find Your Funny! & Lighten the Heck Up!

In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter…

Simran Singh

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