LINE IT UP! … 2012 to 2013 and BEYOND

     We are upon a time of big change… If you read no other Blog this year, please read this one. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, it certainly cannot hurt anything, might help you in many ways and will certainly increase your level of peace, stress and connection. The energy of the next 45 days is massive and can have a massive effect on your life experience. 
     I remember always knowing a moment would come that would mean everything, it was always at a distance and I believed it to be an outcome of some sort. Upon my journey, I discovered, I was not on a journey… I realized ‘I’ was the journey. The ability for me to experience myself was the ‘WHY’ of my being here here… my soul purpose… the reason for every event and happening in my life. 
     Then it became all about healing. I was determined, by golly, to heal. I was going to find every crevice and crack of my unhealed self, every dysfunction, misalignment, pattern, behavior and belief. I wanted to be completely conscious… WIDE AWAKE! I don’t know about you… but I found a lot of ‘Shift’ 🙂 
     And then, 2012 hit… WOW! Talk about space mountain!  Well, that is what it felt like, except, everything in my pockets was falling out as the loopedy loops came. Of course, it was all course correction, helping the small bits that were left behind, ‘spare change’ that needed to release and pieces of lint and dust that had crawled up in corners and crevices of my being. PLUS, the added component of a highly vibrational trip to Machu Picchu ( Cannot wait to go back there… come with me – more info on my website. ) Talk about gaining clarity! Those mountains will do it!
    But every bit of it taught me more about me, allowed me to go deeper and opened me more and more to an opportunity to truly choose to be expansive in whole new ways. (More on that later… still getting used to the ideas. Planning on doing them all, but still in my stage fright, so cannot quite reveal just yet.) 
But with that said, I gained insight into what is so important for me in the next 45 days… What is so important for YOU… What is so incredibly important for this planet. 
     There is a reason you have been through so much this year… The energy of 2012 was calibrating you to release and release and release, so you would be at the best possible place to have what you want. Whether or not you were able to fully let go or just thought about it… I want you to take complete advantage of the energy of this time. 
We are in a special period in planetary history where the energy is so heightened, multiple gateways are opening wider and veils can be consciously lifted. It is a time when that thing, called karma, does not have to be. But, it requires you… it requires your conscious participation. Will you give YOU and your life the next 45 days to completely change for experience. Can you hold the line and stay in check to create a soul template for the rest of for life? 
     Try to see positively and have gratitude every moment in the next 7 weeks. I cannot stress enough how energetically important this month is with 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 and 12-30-12. Whatever you are feeling, intending, thinking will recreate YOUR soul template grid of life for 2013 and beyond. 
     Have nothing but forgiveness, abundance, gratitude and positive living in your mind, heart, actions and spirit. Life is yours to create… Especially now. Make sure you create what you really want in every moment thru 1/15/13. That’s when the template grids seal. 
     This information is a combination of meditative insight first, my research in which I am always amazed that the dates tend to align in numerology with 11. Finally, we are moving from Mayan calendar time to Galactic calendar time, influenced much by movement in Universe and planets. That stuff of Avatar, Star Trek, and Star Wars is really not as out there as you think… Just go with it, whether you believe or not. 
     There is massive transformation happening for the earth and all of its energies, including us. It is all aligning. The earth is going through an amazing detox and transformation. What we individually do as inner work actually supports the earth as well. Our human grids are coming into greater alignment with our earth grid system, but requires conscious awareness to do so because we as humans have shifted so far from our earth connection. We lost the language and the incoming age, The Golden Age, is a reversal of that for those people consciously attuned to regaining their ‘senses’ and connection to the greater energies that they are.
    We are multi sensory humans that are awakening to greater capacities of our brains, hearts and personal power. YOU are comprised of all that good stuff…Just have it! Do what it takes right now… for 45 days. All it requires is forgiveness, self-love, gratitude, stillness, vision and positive living. YOU now have a chance to rework your soul templates and they will be affected to the degree you anchor into yourself, your inner self, and reestablish the ‘way’ of being that you BE.There are some special openings, especially at this time, and energy where we can rework the soul template and set in new ‘ways’ of being. Karma is more about templates in place that allow things to play out a certain way based on soul and generational parameters that were put in place before you came. It was the story you chose to have certain experiences. RIGHT NOW, you can rewrite the stories and have new outcomes,… if you choose to. 
Please share this with others so that they are supported and the collective consciousness supports the world.
My Deepest Love & Blessings as i hold the Space for All…
Simran Singh