Living A Spontaneous Life

Love like a child… Laugh like a child… Play in the wonder like a child… Dream like a child… Create with the imagination of a child. Be innocent like a child. Befriend like a child. Judge nothing and… have the openness, willingness and curiosity of the child. (Read More)
The amount of time spent analyzing… attempting to make sense of… or comparing is a means of distraction from a life of joy. These behaviors create static, a need to keep up and a frenzied grasp for any and everything. If you were to stop, you would find, you are not breathing very deeply and not allowing awareness for what you really want.
You cannot have a spontaneous life if living on a schedule, keeping to a calendar, or running a rat race to keep up… or catch up.
Instead, be the child. Breathe deeply. Children live in the moment. They stay committed to what their hearts desire. They do not have any agendas, a need to impress, judgments of who they play with – what they play – or how long they play at it. They do not compare. In fact, they embrace others – openly and willingly; and with the confidence of being themselves.
Live the spontaneous life of the child. If you want to see the end of something, look at the beginning. Become childlike now, in every moment. Living this way… work won’t feel like work. Play will become more inspired… and, life will feel more alive.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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