No one ever said life was going to be easy…or that there are any guarantees, but what makes the perspective two individuals, living basically the same circumstantial life, so different? Every person has difficulties, tensions, challenges, and fears. I call those the ‘Broken Pieces’. They are the parts of ourselves, the parts of life, that help us grow or keep us locked. The ‘broken pieces’ are what define whether we choose to claim the status of ‘victim’ or ‘ruler’ of our lives. Broken pieces will be there whether we choose happiness or sadness.

Why must there be ‘Broken Pieces’?

Before being born, we were not promised a problem free existence. What was promised was the opportunity to experience. Life is a wave that comes and goes. It rests in calm and, sometimes, it pummels the shore. It has its highs and its lows. Sometimes it is shallow and other times very deep. But within are the sands, the grit of life, and the shells, the miracles.

We chose to jump in the ocean. We made the decision that we would move forward and allow ourselves to be touched by the sands and the shells and anything else that the wave brought forward. We chose to swim. But most of us are walking into the waves, running into the waves, against the wave’s natural rhythm…we fight the waves. All we have to do is turn, ride the wave, and experience the rush.

Whether your broken piece is finding yourself in financial limitation, a trying relationship, the sadness of loss, the guilt of a wrong choice, or the shame of indiscretion…it is just part of the wave. The beauty is that the wave does come to shore and wash it all clean. It retreats, allowing another chance…many chances. But, so often we get hooked on one particular experience that occurred, we live from that moment, allow that experience to rule our lives and every choice going forward. We entrench ourselves in stale, dirty waters. And, we never let the wave wash it clean. We stay stuck on the shore and decide to stop swimming.

This life is to be experienced in all ways, in all forms. It is meant to be the celebration of all of our senses and emotions. This means that we allow the experiences to move through us so that we begin to know the depths of ourselves. The loss of a child is probably the greatest experience of sadness that one could ever know. The break up of a marriage is an experience that can leave a person feeling wrong and insecure. The worry of financial stress can put an individual into a state of depression. All of these experiences, and so many others, are the broken pieces that we are meant to find and collect, live through, and complete within the great landscape of self. It may not seem fair…it may not appear right…but it is the method in which to experience the greatness of who you are, your strengths, and the ability to step beyond all challenges to know the greatest aspects of yourself.

If you choose to remain in the despair of your broken pieces, then all you will truly experience is broken-ness. If you choose to live ‘through’ and step ‘beyond’ the broken pieces, then you experience coming to wholeness. You become your own inspiration. When you look back, you will only see the strength, love, compassion, and truth of who you have been. Looking forward, you will see there is nothing that can limit your experience of infinity.

Choose now…

Live Beyond The Broken Pieces…

You Are The Only One That Can Make You Whole…

In That Step…You Heal Yourself…And You Help Heal The World.

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh