Machu Picchu… Play in the Sacred Valley with ME!

So you want to know what the journey to Machu Picchu is all about… It is a frolic of adventure, a deep dive into the vast creativity, joy, celebration and beauty that we each are. It’s time to bring the experience of healing, growing and evolving to a new ‘Lighter Side… a Lightening Up’ We are in a new time…. Requiring new ways, but you gotta jump in and give yourself something new!

What a powerful intimate group is coming together. This is for individuals who have long done the inner work and their lives are now ready to be in full-hearted service, with celebration and creativity. If this is YOU… I invite YOU into the synarchy and the synergy of the gathering soul family, uniting from far and wide, bringing together visions, creativity, full hearts and expanded minds. In celebration of Oneness, Openness and Unity.  

June 14-23 is hi-season and is quickly booking up… If you are planning on attending, I do require your deposit and paperwork by February 25th. 

 For Info and registration, GO TO:

$500 reserves your space and sets an intention for amazing powerful beautiful change to begin in your life.  For Info and registration, GO TO:

Let this be a springboard for establishing the new ways of being. Have the courage to choose you and take your life to the next level. Now is the time… 

  For Info and registration, GO TO:

Simran Singh


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