What if every single notion you had came true? Think of all of the things that went through your mind today. Were the thoughts positive or negative? Was most of the day spent in a downward dredge or on an uplifting soar?

What if we could create magic?

I received a call today from a friend up in Maryland. She asked if I knew what today was. I was not sure what she was getting at, so I said ‘No’. Alicia proceeded to tell me about some discoveries that had been made regarding energy, manifestation, and consciousness. Meta-physicists have been studying the flow of energy in relation to time. Through this research, they are finding that certain surges of energy are to take place in the world approximately six times in this century. They have been able to pinpoint the specific dates these surges are to occur. Today happened to be the first of those days.

On these particular days, thought consciousness is magnified a million times. This means that anything that you are thinking about, dwelling upon, or harboring strongly as emotion on that day would be magnified in potentiality by one million times. The next one of these surges is to occur in 2012.

Whether you believe in that or not…I began to think about reality creation. What if every single thought you had manifested? What would your world look like? Are you a person that is always high on life, grateful for what you have, and positive about pursuits regardless of the outcome? Or, are you the type of person that gets depressed, feels they live in lack and limitation, and expects things to never work out? Maybe you straddle the fence and have some positive days and some negative.

Let’s just suppose that everything we think does have an impact on what can happen in our lives. Would life not feel better to just approach it from a happier, more positive state of mind? Is there a way to see the gift in every happening? Isn’t there a way to consciously work on thoughts to demand happiness in your experience. Are you ready to wash away the negative talk that exists in your world?

So many people are not even aware of the things they say. “My head is killing me.” “I am going to stop and buy a lottery ticket, but I never win anything..” ” I have to finish this project for work. I don’t know why I care. They probably won’t like it anyway.” ” My tire just went flat. There is always something that goes wrong.” “My kids are driving me crazy.” “If I did not have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.”

Then there are others who seem to live a charmed life. “Life is great. Every time I turn around someone is doing something for me.” “Wow. I just got another raise. I am so blessed.” “It is a gorgeous day…that sun is just radiant.” “I love the rain…It makes everything look so lush.” Thank you for the condolence card. Mom had been sick only a short while, but what a gift those last moments in the hospital were for me. I know she is always in my heart.”

The simple act of perspective can change the feeling of any situation, even the most traumatic. Negative thoughts and emotions do nothing but cause stress, weakness, and illness. It is a task that requires practice. We all have patterns of thought and behavior, but the only way to change is through conscious choice.

I challenge you to a test. For thirty days, do not let yourself have one single negative thought, word, or action. Every time you slip up, just say ‘Cancel, Cancel’. Then affirm what you demand of life. Document the changes in your life at the end of the period. You will be amazed at what you experience.

As Earnest Holmes, the founder of a fabulous magazine called Science of Mind, once said, “Change your thinking, change your life.”

All I can say is that it has worked for me.

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh