Making Space… Allowing

You can push and strive but what if everything is really your of your control…
We are conditioned into believing we have to push and strive. We take on the energy of ambition in the world because of a need to please… and to be loved. And often times, we knock and knock and knock on doors to find ourselves bumping up against walls. I admit, my early years were exactly this way. I was always trying to make things happen, and at the time, I was not even aware of why I was trying to make things happen.
And then, a moment came when everything changed… and I stopped. I really stopped. I did not want to push, or do… or make anything happen. There was not even a desire to attain or any agenda to doing anything. I had finally reached the place where I knew I was worth my time, and that time could be spent however I desired. So I took two years to walk, paint and breathe. I spent time rain, meditating and floating. I took care of my body, my heart and my soul.
When I get inspired to create again, I did it purely for the joy of creating. There was no intention to market, to build, to attain anything. However, there was an to experience the gentle healing that creativity brings through.
What I ever expected was to appear on the cover of a national magazine’s 90th anniversary March Issue – Science of Mind Magazine – much less to be in the company of those I respect and regard so highly. The point of the story is… there really is nothing to do… exit take care of you. And whatever is meant to happen, shall. other way, do you like the company you keep. Because that is all that really matters.
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love…