Mastering the Elements of Our Nature

     The Elements of Our Nature are what make up who we are. Everything from the best attributes, talents, and expressions to the dark side of personality, our shadow parts, and those reactions from ego. Yet when we look at ourselves or even look at others, it tends to be from a place of judgment, harshness, and limitation. Why? Because as part of the human condition, we tend to categorize things: ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’, ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’, ‘Acceptable’ or ‘Unacceptable’, ‘Guilty’ or ‘Innocent’, ‘Sin’ or ‘Go(o)dness’.

    This categorization is something we learned to do, not something that is TRUTH. We have been taught by society, images, elders, and ancestors that if something is not one thing, it has to be the other. Hence, division and separation occur where it was not. What if everything just IS?  What if the ‘illusion’ is that we have to break beyond everything that has been taught in order to establish a new way of being, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks? What if ‘individuality’ that is willing to take a stand for ‘unity’ makes the difference between a bold new world and one that remains trapped in its cycle of self-battery.

     The themes of each issue of 11:11 thus far are billboards of what is required to turn toward the Light. (Jan/Feb 08) A Return to Innocence (Mar/April 08) Strength, Longevity, & Grace (May/June 08) Hope The Seed of Humankind (July/Aug 08) Freedom Living in the Flow (Sept/Oct 08) Mastering…Elements of Our Nature to come to a place of (Nov/Dec 08) Oneness.  It is a very simple formula but requires fully embracing all of those themes on a day to day, moment by moment, second into second way of living.

    In coaching training, there is a term, ‘Seeing the Loving Essence’, that is utilized with every circumstance, situation, and person that one comes across. It is an approach where you truly recognize the Godliness of the person, the deed, or the situation at hand.  In ‘Seeing the Loving Essence’ you respond, rather than react, from a place of love, compassion, and fullness. There is no room here for judgment, harshness, or limitation simply because you will be living from your ‘God-self’ instead of your human condition. How? How does one do this?

    You begin with YOU. Can you see yourself from the Loving Essence? Can you release judgment for any and all past actions? Can you express gentleness, love, and compassion for who you have been and are becoming? Can you open yourself to receiving a life of fullness and flavor instead of remaining stuck in lack, limitation, regret, and victim hood? Are you willing to turn every “seemingly bad or hurtful’ event in your life into a place of empowerment by relishing from it all of the lessons, abilities, and strengths you gained? It is time to embrace all of who you are and celebrate! It is the moment to become conscious that every place of gentleness is as much a gem as a place of anger. Without both, we would not be whole. Instead of just existing as who you are Master the Elements of Your Nature! Let YOUR Light come thru you and express creatively. Give back to this planet what you were brought here to do so that we may integrate as ONE! YOU are a part of ME as much as I am a part of YOU. All you have to do is…

BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!


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Warmest regards,

Simran “Simmi” Singh  

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