Have you ever walked into a room and felt an energy about it…either that it was peaceful, loving or calm…or perhaps it felt strange, hostile, or negative? Everything is energy. We are energy, our environments are, and even the thoughts we put out into the universe. So it certain that every experience and encounter throughout a day affects us in some manner.

Have you ever had a really great day and then you meet someone that is ‘down’… or step into a negative situation and your whole day changes? It feels as if someone just threw a bucket of something all over you and your entire demeanor is different for the rest of the day. The energy of the situation has jumped onto you. It has leeched on like a ‘psychic parasite’.

It is no different than the cartoons or comic books that illustrate the villain trying to get the good guys. It is not to say that the people you meet are bad, they are just in a frame of mind that wants to conquer anything that seems to feel better in hopes of attaining the good feeling. However, what can occur is that you take on their outlook rather than them taking on yours.

What if you could have a shield of protection, a garment of armor, something that would deflect the negativity from you and hold in all of the positive? Perhaps it is all just a trick of mirrors in the mind.

Take a moment at the beginning of each day to center yourself. Close your eyes and revel in the truth of your being from the deepest core. Validate to yourself that you are ‘perfect as you are’, ‘you are whole’, ‘at peace’, ‘love’, ‘courage’, ’empathy’, ‘kindness’, etc… You are all of the things that we ‘Divinely’ are from the moment we are born.

Once in that space, having expressed gratitude to yourself, and allowing the highest self to come forward, imagine being surrounded by a circle of double sided mirrors. The mirrors facing you reflect back to you…all that you know you are…your inherent goodness. The mirrors facing outwardly, reflect back to the individuals, approaching you throughout the day, whatever they are expressing in word, thought, or mannerism. If there is any negativity, it will go back to the source from which it came.

So many of us go through life taking on other people’s stuff. We feel responsible for the issues and problems of family, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes even though we cannot do anything, we take on their pain and stress as a means of helping them. However, it is not to their benefit that we do that, nor is it to ours. The greatest gift we can give any individual in turmoil or pain is to remain authentic and whole in the divinity that we are. From that expression of love, we can strongly combat the negative and be an example of balance. Secondly, we can see the individual as whole and complete…knowing that their situation is just a passing wave and has already been remedied in time.

It is time for us to step it up as spiritual beings living a human existence. Not only is it necessary to be conscious of every thought, word, and action, we must be the light for those in the darkness. The best way to do that is to allow the light within us to shine so brightly that it radiates outwardly hitting everything in its tracks. We must be the torch bearers for our society, particularly in helping our youth approach life from a positive perspective of happiness and balance rather than the negative traits of the past that keep so many locked and limited in the human condition.

“Mirror mirror on the wall…brightly shine the beautiful light that reflects from one and all!”

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh