My Appreciation For You….

The picture above was taken in 2008 when… I decided to open a spiritual center named Believe (beginning from my home) in a small town in South Carolina. I had come from the retail world with no knowledge of publishing, and was just opening to my own exploration of Self. I was so innocent that I did not know what I was doing… But the Universe knew what it was doing. Even in our most unconscious of times, we are used in great ways. We might judge who we are and what needs to be healed, fixed and changed… but that is the raw material necessary for the Universe to create Gold out of lead.
You are exactly where you need to be. Wherever that is, 11:11 Audio will be a companion, a friend, a community of teachers and leaders, a golden thread to weave your own unique creation… and be lead/led.
I’m soooo excited about this new, more intimate experience with you. Thank you for receiving and experiencing this gift in celebration with me. If you enjoy it, I hope you will allow yourself to continue with it … I am honored to share this life with you. Please help me celebrate by forwarding this email to your friends and family so they may receive as well.
I have the thought that if even a small number of us collectively delve into expanded awareness through these insights and contemplations, deepenening in an intentional way, and become increasingly focused to vision of Self and ALL…AS ONE — we will create a global ripple.
My Gift to you… 
This 11:11 experience… allows for a gentle, easy, consistent practice and discipline of self awareness and presence. Let it assist you in becoming more present… more available to receive… more alive to give… and more creative and confident in Being.
IN Love and Oneness…. Simran
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