New Ye Are!

     You have been operating out of ‘intention’ which is keeping you ‘in tension’.  This act has become more about the mind and repetition. It has become entrenched in ritual for outcomes and agendas. Once again you have created a ‘doing’ out of a ‘being’…      Get out of your head. Get out of your habits. Intention is another mask, albeit a spiritual one.  These incoming powerful energies of ‘new birth or ‘BE-I-ART’ and a ‘NEW YE-ARE’, please understand, have nothing to do with intention.
    Intention is a future based concept… It is also outer based, as an external representation desired. You are not here to ‘brain-wash’, you are here to ‘shower in love’. Intention ‘brain washes’… Attention ‘showers in Love’. 
     It is time to be ‘The Present’. Instead of intention… choose to be ATTENTION. Attention is the feeling of presence upon. Attention is in the Now. Attention will always take you back inside. 
    There is no thing and no-one here. There is only ONE here… It’s YOU.  Begin in the sacred chambers where the Divine Child roams… in the heart space. There are many rooms in your mansion, where do the little ones play hide and seek? Intend not to change them… Attend to them. 
In Love, With Love, Of, Love, As Love