The breath is the guage of my beingness. It is the peace within me. My consciousness of breath creates peace. The steadiness with which I intake air is the level of peace I allow in my life. I breathe in peace…I breathe out anything unlike peace. I am peace because PEACE BEGINS WITH ME.
     Who do you claim yourself to be? What parts of the day are you going to take on this day? Are you going to allow things to cause you to react or are you going to control what the outside feels like? You are peace. Any experience can be lived in peace. Through peace…the living of peace by example…the breathing in and out of peace…you change the world.
      So often we allow others to rock our worlds. Situations arise that do not feel particularly comfortable, world events seem daunting, and day to day happenings can create stress and anxiety. However, that only occurs if we allow those things to latch on to us. There is a place where situations in your world can occur and you remain in a state of peace. This does not mean you do not care or that they did not happen… it simply means that there is a knowingness that if 10 people are in a sink hole you are not going to jump in with them. It allows you to know that all experiences are with purpose and the greatest gift we can give to another individual is the opportunity to experience and process their own life.
     When you remain conscious of your breath, you stay in your own lane. You are not back seat driving. Life is lived more consciously and reverantly, with a concentration on your own healing and growth. The choices and steps taken serve a higher need rather than what appears like an emergency in the moment. The Universe is allowed to elicit correction, rather than human will getting in the way, usually creating a whole new issue.
     The breath is the connection to a higher source, a greater purpose, and an overall unity with and between all beings.  When you become more conscious, getting to the point of breathing in concepts of peace, love, truth, and wholeness, you actually begin to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The healing that occurs not only stimulates change within your physical body, it creates change in the outer world.
     When something shows up today that is unlike what you wish to experience, recite “Peace begins with me.” Take in deep inhales and release deep exhales. Allow yourself  an opportunity to approach every situation from a consciousness of peace and Peace will unfold.
Anything is possible if you just…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest Regards,
Simran Singh