This has been swirling within me for some time now. Excuse me if I offend you, but I have to say it… consider this a little loving ‘care-frontation’. If it resonates… then really ‘play’ with it. If it does not, then you can keep up with the game you have going on… 

     It is within our attachments to each passing season that we become lost. In that space, the mystery is no longer a mystery but a maze… one in which we meander aimlessly, seeking to find the escape, yet longing for the center. In actuality the maze is you. What is it that you wish to escape… yourself… your beliefs… your limits… your life. You desire escape from the beautiful embellished prison you have created… your identity, your job, your relationships, and your pain. Yet, God forbid, you admit this to anyone… especially yourself. It becomes easier to wander aimlessly, creating all of the excuses and reasons, the ample justifications, why it must be as it is. 

     Yet, God knows your deepest secrets, and the crumbling that occurs around you is the revealing of those hidden secrets. Your Beloved loves you enough to only give you what you truly desire… but even your desire you have tucked away in such a perfect hiding place that you cannot even know where you have placed it. Desires can only come in ‘perfect order’… and that would also mean in the order in which they serve the greatest reward. That order may mean the tearing down of all that hinders the greatness of your mastery. That order is an ordained and Divine path in which only the rebel knows how to travel. 

     When you have desire that you do not believe in, you put that on God. It is placed at God’s feet, not always as a request but often times as the small child with her back turned, arms crossed and face pouting in sterness. She/he really says, ‘Show me God! Show me you love me! Show me I am worthy of this! Show me you are real and will give me what I ask for!‘ But instead of being vulnerable and real with God, and yourself, by revealling these true fears, doubts and desires for love, you use very spiritual statements or apathatic throwaways… “I will sit with it.‘ and ‘If it is to be, it will be.’ and ‘It is up to God.’ 

     I get it… I have used these statements before myself. But something within me is changing and I am beginning to see how we use this as a way to not truly step into our authentic power. A very important piece has been abandoned here… and in doing so we have abandoned ourselves… we have abandoned God. What is it you think God wants? Why on Earth has he put you here? What other reaon than to really play with you… truly honestly play and create with you! Quit pouting and start playing. Quit Crying and begin creating! Quit sitting and begin moving! This is CO-CREATION… Not ‘God Go Create!’ ARE YOU PLAYING OR WHAT?!

In deep humbleness, great reverance to God and absolute respect for you… I ask you to step up and be the Mastery while enjoying this great and Divine Mystery!

 Simran Singh 

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  1. Yes dear Simran, unless we step into our own mastery and Cocreative powers we can never truly be the whole n complete beings God wishes us to be. Namaste from New Delhi

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