Real Listening

     Let go of who you are; allow the organic nature of life awaken infinite possibility.
     The heart will always move you in a different direction than the mind. It has an intelligence that the mind could never possess. The heart will find the simplest route to create the souls goals. It has no attachment to fame, fortune, status, or attainment. It only desires to love and serve. The heart knows what will create fulfillment, and does so through connection; the kind that gives and creates. In that way, life will always create levels of support, and expansion organically occurs.
     The mind moves with speed and keeps the feet running in every direction. It creates an image, a story and has a specific agenda. The mind craves significance and will convince you your worth is based solely on what you have and whether you have achieved or not. The mind judges and uses strategy to align with only what will bring it what it wants; it does not seek real fulfillment, it only seeks to attain.
      The world is at a loss for real and deep connection because people have become commodities and money the master. We are trading our stock in families for a gain in status. Only when hierarchy no longer exists, and the invisible caste system no longer tips the scale of equality, will real connection prevail. This requires seeing and listening. Really listening. As long as the unconsciousness of superficiality prevails, the aura of distrust will be present.
     As the tides change with younger generations caring more about earth, inclusion, equality and love… the old paradigms of selfishness, greed and manipulation will crumble. Times are arising that will require the ‘haves’ to share with the ‘have nots’. The poorest nations and people’s have always been the happiest and most peaceful, despite their conditions, because they are not conflicted by the attachments that have to be protected. When one loses everything, the material world is seen for what it is… a shiny bauble that was plastic all along. Real richness comes from intimacy, vulnerability, realness and presence. Real riches is when one discovers the wealth in peoples hearts, stories and creative gifts.
     If you are tracing time for money and people for productivity, then you are the caged animal. The feral being continually claws at a world outside, in protection of itself. Each day, look in the mirror and with absolute honesty, ask… ‘Am I giving or taking?’ If you can hold your gaze, you’ll know you are following soul. If you cannot, then you have been led astray.
     What will bring you real freedom? ‘That thing’ you desire to do ‘when….’ is actually possible right now. You are taking the more complicated route in getting there. And missing out on the real beauty of life in the unconscious pursuit of what you believe you need to have what has been available all along. What are you trading away… and why?
In Love…